How to become a footballer

Almost every boy dreams of a career as a famous football player. Football is the most common hobby of boys. Most of the guys already see themselves in the forms of their favorite football clubs, and the question: how to become a footballer? – interests them more than anything in the world. Read More

Why is it so hard after long workouts?

In the heading “Have a question”, the editorial office answers frequently asked questions about running. This time, the reader is wondering – why, after long training sessions, a lot of fatigue sets in: legs hurt, dizziness, you want to sleep and eat all day?

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What is a carbohydrate window? Does this really work?

Carbohydrates in our muscles are contained in the form of glycogen, which is consumed during exercise. It is believed that after jogging or any other physical activity, the so-called “carbohydrate window” arises – a time period during which you can absorb a lot of carbohydrates and quickly restore muscle glycogen stores.

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Ice baths help to recover faster. It’s true?

Surely you have ever seen people dipping their feet in ice water, and did not understand why they are doing this. It’s simple – it is believed that exposure to cold water accelerates recovery after a hard workout and reduces pain. We studied all the scientific research on this subject (and came to the conclusion that nothing is clear at the moment).

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