Why athletes chose Anavar?

If the use of anavar solo is a simple and uncomplicated matter, then its combination with other AAS and, in general, the organization of the course for most novice chemists seems to be the most difficult task, so I will dwell on this issue in more detail and give examples of specific steroid courses.

  • Option for young animals. Short courses of up to six weeks with a daily dosage of 40 mg are well suited as a first-ever acquaintance with chemistry. With such a weak farm support, we achieve a small increase in muscle mass and an improvement in speed-strength indicators with a complete absence of side effects, which is very important for beginners. PCT after such a pharmaceutical load must be done.
  • But already for the second pharmaceutical experience, the classic combination of androgen + anabolic is well suited. Oksana 40mg per day + 50mg – 100mg of testosterone propionate every other day.Duration from 6 to 8 weeks. Using small dosages and short preparations, immediately after the course we will have an average result with a minimum of side effects and a minimum of rollback.
  • Course for paranoid people with low IQ. 8 weeks of taking 30mg of anavar per day and 30mg of stanozolol. This combination is well suited for those athletes who are panicky afraid of a sharp metal needle penetrating their delicate buttocks, but want to progress. Personally, I do not like this version of pharmaceutical consumption for obvious reasons and I do not recommend poisoning myself like that to anyone.
  • Oxandrolone is not a drug for ascetics who prefer deca and methane, it is a steroid for pharmaceutical gourmets who are in an endless search for something exotic and unusual. A six-week course of Oksana, 40mg per day + 100mg Masteron + test propionate every other day, will provide the most discerning pharmaceutical consumer with the best experience and super-quality muscle mass. Do not forget to insure yourself on such a course with aromatase inhibitors. You can find out more on this site https://theroids.ws/.
  • I consider a duet with the obligatory participation of oxana and testosterone propionate as an ideal course. Anavar 50mg per day + test.propionate 400 – 500mg per week and all this for a couple of months. A course for a sophisticated chemist. This combination demonstrates a true symbiosis between the drug and the athlete.
  • Option for building up the maximum amount of quality meat. Anavar 50mg per day + test. propionate 400 – 500 mg per week + 300 – 400 mg of trenbolone acetate per week. The duration of the course is from 6 to 8 weeks. The growth of muscle mass and body design will be visible in the mirror literally every day. We remember about the possible appearance of signs of trenovygyno and hide behind if necessary with Fareston, for example.
  • Course 6 – 8 weeks. 400mg – 600mg of prima per week + 50mg of oxandrolone per day + testosterone enanthate 200-300mg per week. The combination of the two safest and most insanely expensive drugs with testosterone supplementation will appeal to athletes who value their health and do not save on it. This combination of medications will provide a small increase in mass and strength, as well as give a good recovery after hard workouts and support the body on a rigid diet.
  • Course for 10 – 14 weeks. First 10 weeks: boldenone 800mg per week + test cypionate 500mg per week + anavar 50mg per day. The last 4 weeks of the course – test propionate 100mg every other day. This mass-gathering option is suitable for those who are just starting their acquaintance with long broadcasts and want to achieve a good result. More about the drug only here https://theroids.ws/anavar-oxandrolone-20mg/.

Despite all its splendor, the use of oxandrolone is not without its drawbacks. Over the past couple of decades, the anavar has been transformed in the minds of homegrown jock and dumb gurus into nothing like a sacred animal. And now we are not dealing with an ordinary medicine, but with a real pharmacological cow, which cannot be kicked, or rewarded with a bad word, or even look askance in her direction. Wherever you look, everywhere – in any article, on any forum – you just hear songs of praise in honor of this Indian idol. And he does not retain water, and does not lower endogenous testosterone, and there are no acne from it, and does not aromatize at all. In short, the dream of the pitching poet!  However, not everything is so rosy, under the sheep’s clothing is hiding quite an ordinary wolf. Anavar has almost all the same side effects as other oral AAS, though not in such striking manifestations.