Rules for safe antibiotic use

Today, most diseases are treated with antibiotics. However, very few people know about the harm and side effects of these drugs, than dangerous self-treatment with antibiotics, and what questions should be asked to a doctor before starting to take these drugs.

So, below are the basic rules that you should read before starting antibiotic treatment. If you have decided to buy antibiotics at or in another store, try to study this information first.

What do you need to know

Be sure to tell your prescribing antibiotic doctor the following:

  1. Have you ever been allergic to antibiotics before and if so, which ones.
  2. Do you suffer from liver and/or kidney disease? The fact is that all antibiotics are taken out of the body by the liver or kidneys. In case of dysfunction of these organs, you may get a dangerous overdose of the drug.
  3. What drugs you took before going to the doctor. When prescribing antibiotics, you should know these questions to your doctor, because many drugs can not be taken at the same time.

To prevent many unwanted effects of self-treatment, you should know the following rules:

  • Antibiotics are only effective against bacteria, so there is no point in treating viral and fungal diseases such as flu, hepatitis, thrush.
  • The therapeutic effect of antibiotics appears within three days – if at the end of this period there is no relief, the doctor must replace this antibiotic with another drug.
  • Antibiotics should be taken on a course, from five days and more. At the same time, you should remember that even in the case of complete disappearance of painful symptoms, in no case you should not stop taking the drug. This is explained by the fact that a complete disruption of the bacteria life cycle is necessary for such a time.
  • In case of incomplete treatment, resistance is often formed, ie, resistance of the pathogen to the drug, and in the future, this antibiotic will be ineffective.
  • It is extremely dangerous and undesirable to take several antibiotics simultaneously.
  • Take the drug at a strictly defined time, because each antibiotic has its own time of life in the body, and as a result of irregular intake are formed so-called “windows”, when a fresh dose of antibiotics does not enter the blood and the bacteria have time to breathe and adapt to this drug.

In self-treatment with antibiotics, the following complications are most common:

  1. Disruption of heart function, manifested in the development of arrhythmias, which significantly increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
  2. It has a damaging effect on liver and kidney cells, which may cause hepatic or renal coma.
  3. Hearing disorders, up to complete deafness. To date, this problem is common in pediatrics, when children are given “non-children” doses of antibiotics.
  4. Vision disorders.
  5. Disorders of the baby’s intrauterine development when taking antibiotics during pregnancy.
  6. The development of hallucinations, psychosis, states similar to epileptic seizures.

So it is very important to take such serious drugs properly. On the website you have the opportunity to buy antibiotics of high quality. Here you can also consult with specialists who will help you choose the right medications. You should also understand that the best solution will be to see a doctor immediately, who will help you choose the best option of antibiotics that will be effective in your situation. There are many different antibiotics and you need to choose the most appropriate option to cope with the disease. Use our rules and you will be able to do it.