Sagaro -the life like a fairy tale

Imagine an endless blue sky and sea shining in the sun with its precious sparkles, where picturesque rocks, tall and small, but invariably wrapped in lush greenery that fills the air with magical scents. Among this natural beauty are hiking trails, small restaurants and cafes, exquisite houses and villas with stunning views of the sea and all the surrounding magnificence.

This place on the Costa Brava is one of the most beautiful. Everyone would love to be here, just not everyone knows it! Visitors to Sagaro are immersed in a real fairy tale in which all dreams come true – about the sea, sun, greenery, tranquility and entertainment, a real holiday from iron, smog, concrete and dust of large cities.

Sagaro is another piece of paradise in Spain that fell from heaven to the happy heads of locals and those who have the opportunity to come here. It has everything you can dream about. And much more! Not without reason, one of the epithets that this little village was awarded – Hollywood by the sea. Of course, it immediately becomes clear what we’re talking about – the stars love to rest here. In Spain, you can find many interesting cities to buy real estate. For example, you may like the idea with real estate mallorca, but in this article we will talk about Sagaro.

The village of Sagaro

Sagaro is a gorgeous place by all means. It is close to convenient transport interchanges, and regular bus service to major cities (including Barcelona). There is a well-developed infrastructure, including all opportunities for recreation for all tastes and entertainment around the clock, but at the same time – complete privacy if you want to, the opportunity to swim and relax in the small hidden from curious coves, which the coast of the village is rugged throughout its length. Not without reason since the middle of last century, this resort began to be considered an elite – it was very much enjoyed here to relax the cream of society, up to the Spanish royal family.

What will please Sagaro: mild climate, clean water, alluring beaches.

Because the coves of the Sagaro coast are protected from the gusty winds by high rocks, it is very comfortable to rest here throughout the season. It lasts from May to October, inviting you to enjoy swimming in the crystal clear and warm water, relax on the beaches with soft fine sand. In the high season (July-August) the water in the sea warms up to 24-25 degrees Celsius. 

Sagaro’s beaches, Sa Conca and Sant Pol, as well as the promenade of Camí de Rondo, are considered one of the most beautiful places on the Costa Brava, surprising guests with their picturesque scenery, purity and landscaping, combined with the pristine beauty of nature. Healing air and bright sun, clean water and plenty of hiking trails through pine groves – the climate in Sagaro is ready to spoil everyone.

Why Sagaro?

The answer is simple – for perhaps the best vacation in all of Spain. But it’s worth keeping in mind that you have to pay well for the best. Here – only fashionable hotels, prestigious restaurants, all luxury establishments.

After Sagaro became one of the favorite holiday destinations of the Spanish royal family, it was ranked among the most prestigious resorts in Catalonia and all of Spain. And someone says it is one of the best places on the whole continent! Probably that’s why real estate in Sagaro is in great demand among foreign investors: to buy a house or villa here is considered a real luck – a reliable investment in the future and in the old age, which is dreamed of many famous and wealthy people.

Sagaro – pine groves, olive trees, cypresses, wild anise, picturesque cliffs and cozy embankments, buried if not in the natural, in the green gardens with oleanders and well-groomed lawns with southern herbs.