Levitra on the basis of vardenafil has a positive effect on the male body. It is enough to take 1 tablet of the drug to feel the desired effect. The pill will start working in half an hour after taking it. The effect will gradually decrease over a period of 5 hours. After the end of the action of the drug, the onset of erection may be difficult if there are certain problems with the body. The principle of action of the drug is as follows: vardenafil is an inhibitor of FDE5. Under the influence of the drug, smooth muscles in the small pelvis relax, arteries also relax, which leads to increased blood flow in the penis.

You can combine taking vardenafil and a small amount of alcohol, it will not affect the final result, which the drug has. The only condition for achieving an erection is the presence of sexual stimulation. If you want to buy this type of medication, visit


Levitra is quite a high-quality and effective drug to combat impotence. The main advantages of the drug are:

  • Sufficient number of generics;
  • Excellent results from taking it;
  • Minimal risks of side effects.

With a properly chosen dosage, you can count on a stable erection for 12 hours. The maximum time of the drug will depend on the individual characteristics of the body.


Levitra has some disadvantages:

  • High cost;
  • Long time of onset of the effect;
  • A large number of contraindications.

Do not forget that taking Levitra is not desirable without prior consultation with your doctor.


In order to regain the former erection, you can use the drug Levitra and for a few hours to please your beloved. During the time the drug works, you can achieve the onset of several erections that are sufficient for sex.

What affects the speed of action of drugs to improve erections 

The main parameter that affects the speed of action of a drug for potency – the form of release. Classic pills, known for many years, begin to work in 30-60 minutes after starting to take them. Drugs marked “soft” will act in 15-20 minutes, and gel-like substances will please the patient in 15 minutes after application.

General recommendations on how to properly take pills for potency

There are some rules that allow you to achieve the desired effect after taking erection pills. They are as follows:

  • The optimal time of reception – 1 hour before the planned intercourse;
  • It is not recommended to use together with alcoholic beverages;
  • Carefully read the instructions before taking with other pills;
  • Do not use the medication when the expiration date has expired.

Following the rules will help to avoid trouble while taking the pills.

Which drug to choose to fight against impotence

The main thing is to find out the cause for which erectile dysfunction occurred. After that, you can stop at the desired form of release – tablets, sachets, capsules and so on. It is not recommended to independently select the drug.

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