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Some slots are in vogue today and others tomorrow. There are, however, in the gambling industry and those who are always relevant. And also – those who suddenly make themselves known after a long silence. What do online casino customers play today and what new chips surprise popular vendors? Read about it in our article. If you want to find a casino with the best games, visit


The Swedes in gambling – it’s like the Swiss in banking. Swedish slot machine developers give even Malta and Curacao, countries that by and large live the gambling. And the gaming market in Sweden is known not only for NetEnt but also for Quickspin. Actually, Quickspin at one time appeared in gambling as a new project from the former heads of that very NetEnt and Unibet. Critics prophesied en masse that Quickspin was destined to remain in the shadows, but the dog barks and the caravan goes. The original vision and unique handwriting Quickspin hardly give to call the company a clone of NetEnt. These two vendors, if they can be compared, it is only for the same high quality graphics.

But if you compare Quickspin and NetEnt, the first one is a little more down-to-earth. Take this word in a good sense: it’s about traditions in the development of online machines, which should be honored after all. What’s interesting is that in 2020, Quickspin has delved into tradition in every sense. Take for example their latest slot – Hall of the Mountain King. It’s a slot machine about Norse folklore, referencing Edvard Grieg’s classic hit of the same name, full of new classic elements in its gameplay.

Extra multipliers going up during freespins, the evolution of winning symbols and several bonus rounds are all things we know and love. Quickspin has managed to successfully beat the running gameplay features of many iconic modern slots and make something new that isn’t just a forgotten old thing. But the most important thing is the volatility. High volatility in slot machines is rather exotic. The modern world of gambling more and more resorted to widespread lowering of dispersion in order to popularize online slots. Suppose, if users do not see frequent winnings, who will play? So think a lot of developers today.


No intrigue, you might say. But what can you do, if NetEnt is so cool! Well-known manufacturer whose slots have become iconic figures of modern online gambling, does not give up its position in 2020. Open, say, the novelty Wild Worlds and see just over the top degrees of awesomeness. First of all, the original design catches your eye. Especially the structure of the reels: it’s obvious that the guys from NetEnt came up with it themselves, and not picked it up somewhere else. Although what can I say, it is for NetEnt usually repeat, not vice versa.

Probably no point in describing in detail as always the original mini-features and functionality of special characters. In Wild Worlds, as before in many products NetEnt, full of moments that make the gameplay more diverse and the process of winning – more dynamic. Well, what really deserves a separate word – it’s a bonus system. During the freespins the heroes will fight the bosses, just like in today’s fashionable casual games on the phone. The better combinations you fall out – the more powerful strikes the birds. And every boss killed is an extra winnings for you. Not only that, this game also has levels, and it often drags on for a very long time. It’s awesome, in a word.

What is interesting, in parallel with the release of mega-news NetEnt does not forget about their old iconic gameplay, giving them a new life. Moreover, the approach is thorough: the theme and design is remade completely, and now the familiar gameplay plays for old fans of the brand new colors. You can access canadian online slots via