You Know Your A Runner When…

You trip over multiple pairs of shoes trying to get into your apartment. I then fall on my face and see this:

And I wear every single pair!

  • A pair of () for walking.
  • A pair of () for running.
  • A pair of shoes for running.
  • A pair of shoes for cross training.
  • My racing flats for speed work, which don’t get much use because I am afraid to try running fast again.
  • MY NEW Brooks ! I haven’t worn them yet, but I want to try a new pair of shoes. I’ve been running in the for two years, but the guy working at the running store suggested that my Adrenalines could be causing my knee pain (apparently he has seen this before). I’ll give it a shot!

Obviously, I love my shoes 

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

Now that I am finally back from my Thanksgivingvacation and caught up on things,I can finally get back to my normal blogging schedule! Even though I havegotten some posts in the last few days, I have had some great workouts that Ididn’t quite have time to write out.

Going into this week, I set one main goal for myself: Run more, especially barefoot. My knee has been feeling pretty well for the past few weeks, but to be completely honest, I am kind of afraid to start running faster and/or more mileage. I know living in fear of something is not the way to live, but I am afraid to mess myself up again. This week, I want to conservatively try to beat that fear by slowly running a little bit more and cross training a little bit less.

How am I suppose to know if my knee is ready more mileage?

I have done it in the past without any problems, so I know that my body can handle it. The fear is keeping me from testing it out, but this week, I am giving it a shot.

Monday: 60 minute spin class; 4 miles barefoot

Tuesday: 8 miles; 30 minute ride to cool down

Wednesday: 70 minute run (~4 miles barefoot)

Unfortunately, my Garmin died this morning, so I am not 100% sure on the mileage. I want to say it was around 9 miles or so, but that could be around half a mile off.

Have you ever left your Garmin half off the charger and it just dies overnight?

That is one of my biggest pet peeves about the . That thing has so many bugs! Garmin, you need to come out with something better because the 405 is terrible.

So far, I’ve been keeping with my goals this week! My knee feels great, so hopefully it stays that way. I think as long as my knee holds up, my confidence will remain high and I can beat this fear of injury. Seriously, I think my knee injury has scarred me for the rest of my life. I’ve pushed through some pain in the past, but I think this injury experience is going to help me listen to my body a little more.

I guess I can mark it down as a learning experience?