Running in the street in the winter. How to run in winter?

A healthy lifestyle today is active propagandized from all the screens and posters of the country. Many fitness centers offer tangible discounts to classes, interrupting competitors’ prices. But not everyone can attend sports facilities, and someone at all prefers to do themselves.

The most effective and useful occupation for the whole body is running. You can run anywhere, the main thing is to go to the preparation and selection of clothes correctly. Many people run in the summer, but how to run in the streets in the winter? This issue is of concern to many, therefore it is worth paying special attention to the winter run.

Running in winter on the street: you can or can not

Leading coaches of the world most recently gavepreference for sports only in enclosed spaces. To date, the situation has changed a lot, ordinary people and athletes are happy to run and squeeze out at stadiums in the open. Running in the winter on the street is an important exercise. Therefore, it is necessary to approach this sport seriously and in no case should not neglect the basic rules.

First, before the race in the cold seasonprepare your body. This is done by warming up all the muscles, you need to warm up the muscle tissue and prepare the ligaments. Only after simple warm-up exercises you can start running in the street in winter.

Secondly, running in the winter is very useful. So you strengthen immunity, develop a good defensive reaction to all colds. During small runs, you can gradually harden the entire body. This procedure also positively affects the blood vessels. The main thing is not to overdo it and observe safety techniques.

Thirdly, the frosty air is simply oversaturatedoxygen. Surely you noticed that when you enter the street in winter, the volume of lungs seems to be lacking. And the correct technique of the winter run allows you to enrich the entire body with this important gas.

Now you know that you can run around in the coldeven necessary. With these procedures, you protect yourself from all colds and oxygenate. Running is useful in any season of the year, the main thing is to do it right.

The correct approach to running in the winter

Running in winter is better to start gradually. Do not run out for long distances at once. In any sport it is important to accustom the body to the load gradually. Haste always leads to injuries, after which all interest in sports is lost.

It is forbidden to run outside in winter, if the temperature.The air dropped below 20 degrees. Of course, it’s worthwhile to take care of yourself when you are shivering, flowing from your nose, and sore throat. Adequately approach the lessons and competently count on your own abilities.

Breathing is an important factor in all sportstraining. During the race it is especially worthwhile to concentrate on your ability to breathe properly. The inhalation is always done by the nose, but the exhalation can also be produced by the mouth. Only so the frosty air will have time to heat up to an acceptable temperature before entering the athlete’s lungs. If you neglect this golden rule, then the disease of the throat and the inflammation of the lungs will not take long. Take care of your health, because you run to strengthen immunity, and not vice versa.

Running in the winter on the street should be completed with a strongfatigue and trouble breathing. After that, immediately go to a warm room. Clothes, soaked in sweat, should be removed. If possible, then take a warm shower. Wet things that are not removed in time can lead to hypothermia.

Caps and gloves for winter running

Gloves or mittens are selected from naturalmaterial. Here grandmother’s or mother’s care will be very handy. Preferably choose the option with a single finger department. Such an accessory retains heat for a long time.

Hats can also be different. There is a balaclava, which will easily protect the face from biting frosts completely. Choose a knitted hat that covers the neck and ears. It will be very useful to purchase special glasses. Do not forget that in winter it’s snowing, and it’s not very convenient when snowflakes cling to the eyes.

Winter Running: Injuries

To avoid injury, you need to know how to run properly in the winter. Therefore, in advance, think over the routes, do not run on slippery roads and go around the side of the slope.

Pay special attention to the choice of shoes, otherwise you can get a serious injury – fracture, sprain or bruise.

Do not be lazy to do warm-ups, otherwise you will get stretching muscles. It should be borne in mind that the recovery of muscle tissue occurs a fairly long period.

The conclusion is obvious: running in winter is a useful thing, especially if you approach this lesson correctly and do not neglect basic safety rules.