Apparently I Am Sexy

Am I right or am I right?

Apparently people find my blog by searching for “sexy runners”.

Google doesn’t lie right?

Yes, no, maybe?

My best friend said he loves this picture 

I REALLY hope someone Google’s “sexy runner” and my picture comes up. That would be awesome!

While I may not be running as much right now as I would like to be, I still consider myself a runner.

My knee is getting better, but it still isn’t perfect. I actually like to think that is good news 

A week ago, it felt like a a butcher was deboning a chicken (my knee being the chicken). LOL. I’m sorry that I had to resort to that analogy, but that’s how it felt.

Now, it is more than a stiffness than actual pain. It just feels really tight. I’m not sure how else to explain it, but it definitely isn’t pain.

I’m not really sure what to do about it, so I am going to keep doing what I am doing because it is obviously working. I’ve been strength training, stretching, foam rolling, and icing like it’s my job. My runs have been short, but I have been biking, ellipticaling, and I even swam one day to compensate. The water was freezing, so it was a short dip 

Like I said, I am not sure what else to do about it, so I will keep on truckin!

I have a question for you guys…

Are you a runner?

If yes. why?

If no, why not?

If you are here for food, check back in the morning.

Remember that when defining yourself as a runner, there are no rules, obligations, oaths, or tests. Even though this is true, so many people put too much pressure on themselves to “be like everyone else”.

So what if you run 10 minute miles and your friend runs 8 minute miles?

That doesn’t mean you are any less of a runner than he/she is. Trust me.

One of the reasons that I have stopped posting my workouts everyday is because I am so sick of bloggers comparing themselves to each other. There is one thing I have learned about bloggers: We are very competitive.

We have the be the fastest, have the best recipes, get the most readers, ect…

Don’t think I am trying to bash our community because I am 100% guilty of it and I admit that. Like I just said, that is the reason that I am not really posting my workouts anymore. If you want to see how much I am running, you can check out my dailymile widget on the right hand side of my blog.

If I break a world record, I will let you guys know 

I don’t want people comparing themselves to me and I don’t want to compare myself with other people.

Remember that with running there are no speed limits, no weight limits, no required distances, and no required experience.

And most of all, the sky is the limit. I always tell myself to “shoot for the moon!”