Packing things using transportation services in Los Angeles

Moving is a very difficult and troublesome business, the proper preparation for which is a great art. Most often, if a person approaches the relocation without due attention and precautionary measures, something is necessarily broken or lost during this event. In order for the move not to turn into a subsequent calculation of losses, it is necessary to learn how to properly pack things. Here are a few of these tips that will minimize the damage from the move.

You can also hire some company that will help you to do all the steps. Some really good service in Los Angeles you can find here The whole process of packing things can be divided into several stages.

Preparatory stage

It is necessary to think in advance about the packaging materials that will be used during the above event. This list is not so great, but all that is indicated in it must be acquired:

  • cardboard boxes of different sizes;
  • old newspapers and special paper;
  • air bubble film and various types of scotch;
  • a variety of soft cloth rags;
  • garbage bags of various sizes and colors.

In addition, be sure to purchase a few markers or markers. This will mark the boxes and significantly reduce the time spent unpacking things. It is necessary to remember that the safety of things often depends on the quality and quantity of packaging materials. Very large cardboard boxes should not be used either. The fact is that they become too heavy after they are filled with things. A large cardboard box with things is a serious challenge even for a physically strong man.

A few simple additional tips

You should not start packing things with fragile items and utensils. First you need to pack durable things: books, linens (bed and regular) and clothing. Then the dishes and other fragile things are packed. Last pack furniture and all available appliances.

All those things that have special value for a person: jewelry, cash and important documents should be packaged separately from all other property and, of course, kept strictly with you. This requirement also applies to the most essential drugs.

The weight of the box with things should not be very big. To determine the weight and transportability of the box, the rule of “thumb” is applied: if the box cannot be moved with the thumb, it should be somewhat easier and some of the things put in it should be removed.

The next stage is the packaging of books. All piles are carefully rewound with tape, voids in the box (this rule also applies to the packaging of dishes) filled with newspapers or cloth rags. The box must be sealed with tape. It does not hurt and glue tape the seams of the box. This will make it more durable.

Footwear and clothing must be packed in large travel bags, suitcases, large packaging bags (large garbage bags are perfect for this operation). If there are those things that, when carrying out an apartment move, it is absolutely undesirable to knead, you should use special covers made of plastic or fabric. These covers are guaranteed to help carry things without absolutely crushing them.

Kitchen utensils, which can damage the walls and bottom of the box in which it is packed, must be wrapped in cardboard. At the bottom of the box in which you plan to pack kitchen utensils, you need to put a layer of old newspapers or bubble film. It is also necessary to fill all the voids in the box with the same film, old newspapers, and cloth rags. If voids remain when packing the dishes, there is a very great chance that the dishes will not arrive at their new location whole and intact.

These are the tips that have already been tested by time and tens of thousands of apartment moving. They will help to make the move calmly and without loss. If you do not have the desire to pack things and organize a moving apartment, you can ask for help from specialists.