My Washington DC Adventure

I went to Washington DC to run a marathon…

But sadly, my knee had other plans.

Sunday marked my first DNF (did not finish) of my running career. Even though I have only been running for three years, I still call it a career. Trust me, I am not finished; far from it actually. This is only the beginning.

It was probably one of the hardest decisions I have made in quite a long time. In the back of my mind, I knew that I could probably finish the race, but I kept weighing the risks.

Is it worth it screw myself up for a long time?

There are other races to run and workouts to complete. Popping my knee out of it’s socket is not exactly going to help me get back to running faster.

I just need some time to heal. Things are progressing, slowly that is, but they are progressing in the right direction. I can actually feel my knee getting a little better each day, but it still has some tightness. The foam roller has been my savior these past few weeks.

I like to think that I made the right decision, but it kills me not to know if I could have finished. I trained for this race with everything that I had deep down in side of me. It was really quite a let down not being able to finish what I had started 16 weeks ago.

Even though I did not finish the mission I set out to complete (I feel like a massive failure BTW), I did have a great time trekking around Washington DC with my family.

Believe it or not, our trip started at:

Priorities people. Priorities.

I know this is a sin, but I have never set foot inside of a Trader Joe’s before last weekend! I got some goodies that you will see quite soon 

We saw the White House…

 President Obama actually invited me in and I gave him some tips on running the country. Trust me, I am an expert in all things 

I guess I am only half human?

LOL. Never trust a man on the street to take a picture 

Aren’t Bama-dad and Bama-mom cute?

I have to get around right?

I bought these puppies at the Expo on Friday night. I was “hesitant”, so I scored 20% off. What a deal!

I sense barefoot running in my near future…

Moving on…

We saw the Supreme Court…

 We saw the Capitol Building…

We saw the Treasury Building…

And I ate one of the best meals of my life…

Me and

Sadly, that pretty much sums up my trip to Washington DC. I left on Friday afternoon and came back Sunday afternoon, so I didn’t have a whole lot of time there. I would like to go back in the near future so I can see the entire city. There is so much to do there!