Life Designer in The Sims 4

Maxis didn’t take the risk of inventing the character and housing editors all over again, but they did substantially revamp both.

Game Features

All the annoying sliders have gone to the trash. Instead, they are now manually adjusting the appearance, as in EVE Online. Grabbing the sim by the nose, pulling – here’s your schnoz, strung – here’s the snub. Faces would be great, if the texture of the skin is not so polished, as the worst retouch in glossy magazines. But the body can be turned any way you want: grow a pot belly or powerful biceps, make thin little Nero arms with a fat torso, increase the chest, slump shoulders. You can also check more info about sims 4 cas.

Construction mode has improved, but it’s not perfect. Yes, there are diagonal walls, ceilings of different heights, and stretchable rooms. There are a lot of items hanging from one wall segment. True, the extra-complex designs, when shifted, leave terrible gaps in space that you have to caulk up by hand. But that’s no big deal, when you think about it.

The big trouble is something else: The Sims 4 is missing a lot of things that used to be the default. In the game there are no sim babies (the kids here again as stationary furniture), no pools, no ghosts. Gone without a trace are some of the most important and oldest careers, like the doctor’s. 

Is it safe to say that all of this ruined the game? Not really. But it’s still a bit sparse. Here you are in the third hour of drilling the starry sky with a telescope, waiting for the aliens to land – but no. The Sims 4 was made too laconic, and laconicism is not to her liking.

The sims 4 game is a syrupy-sweet world, where there is no place for true unhappiness. The crimes are theft and fraud. After a fight, you can have a nice chat with the battered. No illnesses, no injuries, no disabilities. A girl in her underwear can sit up all night with a book on a bench by the road. And what are the failures? Breakfast wasn’t good – here’s a failure.

Character Behavior

The abyss of idleness and before lured in the idle sims, but now, as if in mockery, Maxis have added to the computers function to flood the forums, look at pages, and even look for pictures! And every slacker has a smartphone with the same functions. Wicked, wicked irony!

In public places, though, people are more cheerful. They jump on simulators, barbecue, sit behind the bar, and tell tales. This, incidentally, is one of the great victories over the props of the past parts: the characters during the conversation in groups, not standing in columns of two.


The Sims 4 is bound to get under a barrage of accusations of greed. You can already bet on the future add-ons: a month later there will be pets, after two – resorts, after three – college and dorms. For these additions, there is a large share of content, which is also fundamentally changing the mechanics. Simply put, so far the game has not come out itself, but rather its skeleton. Quite a nice-looking set, by the way, albeit conservative. So you can personally enjoy the game and discover its main merits.