Features of the game with the bookmaker

A hundred people start to bet on sports every day for their own reasons. It is important to understand some features in order to prevent a serious mistake at this stage. One of these important moments will be the game only on proven sites. A good example of such a bookmaker http://pin-up.bet. If you want to withdraw your winnings without any problems, then you should choose only the most reliable bookmakers.

Register with the bookmaker using your personal data

Often, newcomers to betting are faced with problems due to the introduction of incorrect, not their own data when registering with the bookmaker. Only a few foreign bookmakers verify the documents and means of payment even before the actual rates. Recently, a similar practice has been applied in legal domestic offices. But there remains a large layer of offshore bookmaker, where the crowds of people continue to play. There you will be allowed to make money and play without problems. But when and if it comes to the withdrawal of winnings, the compliance of your data entered during registration with those linked to the means of payment (bank card, e-wallet) will be checked. If a discrepancy is found, the player enters and is no longer able to withdraw money because he violated the rules that he signed when opening a game account. Yes, nobody reads them yet. There you can write that you are confirming the sale of yourselves to slavery and all the same, everyone will not look.

At the verification stage, another schoolboy who registered in the name of Sebastian Pareiro, an ebony dealer, and started a deposit with a mother’s card, runs to the next bookmaker rating, scribbling a complaint that he was robbed by the evil Mashiahi. In general, do not be like them. Register for your real data, which you can confirm by sending out scans of documents, as well as start and withdraw money from your office through funds issued for the same person. Then many claims and negatives can be avoided.

Read the fine print

Many bookmakers hold various promotions to attract new customers. Tough up to the freebies, the players peck on this “bait” and rush to receive the promised bonuses. However, always read the fine print, footnotes, which contains the most important information about how to properly use this bonus. As a rule, no one reads these conditions, and therefore they do something wrong, as a result they cannot withdraw money. Those who read, sharply understand that the cheese in the mousetrap was not as good as it seemed from a distance. Usually, the conditions for flirting a bonus are barbaric, so only those players who are fabulously lucky will be able to use it, and there will be less than 1% of those. So choose the bookmakers for reliability, breadth of painting, the height of the coefficients, and for bonuses and promotions are not particularly fooled. All of them are aimed at the subsequent withdrawal of funds already from your pockets.

Do not abuse express

Many newcomers are drawn up to make large express trains. Having little money to bet, they try to compensate for the lack of a bank with high rates. The desire to bet a little, and winning a lot at once is a destructive idea. The problem with express trains is that with an increase in the coefficient and the number of events involved, the probability of their winning rapidly decreases. We analyzed this in detail in reviews of work with this type of rates. Recall that an express with a factor of 100, made up of 7 outcomes, will go rather than an express with the same coefficient, but assembled from 10 or more outcomes. So express trains are relevant in the format of twins and tees. Some betters practice strategies that use express trains up to 6 events. But all that is more is a lottery. Actually, the only way to relate to such “sheets”. If you pay a lot of attention to express trains, we advise you to reconsider this attitude, focus on more adequate strategies.