Easy Meal Idea: Naan Pizza

Have you ever had a pizza craving but you were too lazy/busy to make the dough? That was totally me last night! After 9 hours of work, I didn’t really have the patience (or time) to make my favorite whole wheat pizza dough. Luckily I had some Naan from Whole Foods in my freezer

I [...]

Sweet Potato, Black Bean, and Swiss Chard Quesadillas

I was totally craving a quesadilla last night! Instead of the traditional cheese, chicken, onion, bell pepper, ect… I decided to branch out a little bit and experiment. I threw together a few of my favorite ingredients and made a delicious dinner

Sweet Potato, Black Bean, and Swiss Chard Quesadillas


Extra virgin olive oil
16 ounces sweet potato, diced [...]

Easy Eggs Florentine

I made this yesterday because I was really in the mood for some eggs. When am I not in the mood for eggs? I think they are natures perfect food.

Eggs Florentine


2 eggs, poached
1 English muffin (or sliced bread)
1 C. chopped spinach, steamed (I used Swiss Chard)


Toast bread or English muffin and set [...]