I am sure that most of you guys this I am quite the carnivore based on the recipes I post. While I love my burgers, I actually try to treat meat as more of a side dish when I do eat it. I only eat organic/natural meats, eggs, and dairy, so it isn’t in my budget [...]

Chili Lime Mahi Mahi

I made this for lunch over the weekend for Ashlei and I, but I decided to recreate it and enhance the flavors a little bit. Origninally, I just sprinkled the fish with lime juice and chili powder, but I knew I could make it better. It’s very simple, but so flavorful. Mmmm…

Chili Lime Mahi Mahi


Dash of [...]

BBQ Black Bean Burgers

I had a craving for a black bean burger for lunch today. That is probably a weird craving, but I rolled with it.

I usually buy the frozen kind, but they are full of ingredients that I really don’t need to be putting into my body. After searching around the internet and reading some other blogs, I [...]

Garlic Fries and BBQ Pork Sandwich

I have been getting a lot of comments about how I make my fries. They are really really simple, but really really delicious. I actually made them last night for dinner so I will go ahead and post the recipe.

Garlic Fries


4 medium thin-skinned white potatoes
3 to 4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 dash of ground thyme
1 [...]

Homemade BBQ Chicken Pitas

I found an AWESOME recipe for the Food Network that I thought I would share. I actually made my own BBQ sauce a few nights ago and it was amazing. It killed the store-bought stuff.

I basically just used the recipe for the BBQ sauce and the BBQ rub.

BBQ Chicken Pitas

Whole wheat pita bread (I use Whole [...]