Mmmm I Love Indian: Chana Masala

Confession: I was hit with a major craving for Indian food yesterday. Am I the only one who gets random cravings for Indian food? I sure hope not! This stuff is absolutely delicious. Maybe it’s the naan

Rather than spending too much money by ordering out, I decided to cook my own. To be honest, [...]

My First Time Cooking Indian: Aloo Gobi

I am totally into Indian food lately. I think it is mainly because of the naan

I had a major Indian Food craving yesterday. Instead of spending money to go and get it, I thought I would attempt to make it myself. Plus, we only have one Indian place in town and it is in [...]

Easy Meal Idea: Naan Pizza

Have you ever had a pizza craving but you were too lazy/busy to make the dough? That was totally me last night! After 9 hours of work, I didn’t really have the patience (or time) to make my favorite whole wheat pizza dough. Luckily I had some Naan from Whole Foods in my freezer

I [...]