Guest Post: The Importance Of Going To The Doctor

Next up, we have Sam!


Warning: Some graphic pictures in this post, may want to put down your food and resume after reading.

Hello! I’m Samantha from . Matt kindly asked me to write a guest post and of course I was thrilled! This is my first one, so be kind!

The Importance of Going to the [...]

Well Hello Mr. IT Band

Time: 1:33:09

Distance: 12.02 miles

Average Pace: 7:45 per mile

I love the feeling of getting a 12 mile run in before an 8 AM class

I didn’t love the feeling in my IT band today It started yesterday, and it was actually a little better today. Nothing serious though; I think it is just a [...]

Running Update and Perfect Poached Eggs

You guys have probably noticed that I haven’t really been posting my runs lately. My runs really haven’t been that exciting because I have just been “running”. There is no way I can do a whole post on these runs to keep things interesting. Do you know what I mean? Once I get things going again, [...]