Pizza and Salad

It is almost the weekend! How has your Thursday been treating you? It has been awesome over here!

I woke up this morning ready to tackle a tempo run! I have a love/hate relationship with speed workouts these days. The “hate” portion is because they are physically and mentally tough, but the love portion is because I [...]

Grilled Vegetable Salad

There is something about grilled vegetables that just screams summer. To me, grilling vegetables is one of the best ways to prepare them. It just seems to enhance the flavors. Plus, it is certainly a simple preparation. Who doesn’t like a meal that is simple and comes together quickly? A few nights ago, I decided to [...]

Summertime Grilling

I am back from NYC and I am ready to get back into blogging I plan on doing a recap of my trip later this week once I get all of my pictures uploaded and such!

Summertime grilling….

Does anyone else think that summertime is the perfect time to grill? I do! My dad bought me [...]