Happy Tuesday!

First off, I want to send a shout out to . She has been through so much these past few weeks and she really needs all of our support. Go over to her blog and send her an e-hug. She is awesome and totally deserves it!

I am totally obsessed with this song right now! I have been jamming to it all day!

I remember really liking this song in high school and we were finally reunited this morning. It totally pumped me up for running this morning :)

Time: 1:11:01

Distance: 8.88 miles

Average Pace: 7:59 per mile

Wow there was a lot of repeating numbers today with 8.88 miles and 1:11:01. You know I planned it like that ;)

My legs were in a lot better shape than I was expecting them to be. I was honestly expecting that “Oh man I can’t get out of bed” feeling, but there was none of that to be had this morning. You know exactly what feeling I am talking about though…

Instead of having to pry myself out of bed, I actually got right up and immediately got ready to run. I think that I have had the exact same routine for so long that I am just on autopilot. I don’t even think about whether I am going to run or not; I just do it. Lately, my routine looks a little like this:

  1. Get out of bed
  2. Put my contacts in
  3. Get dressed
  4. Drink some water
  5. Restroom
  6. Put on Garmin
  7. Put on shoes
  8. Out the door

If I have time and I am not in a rush to be anywhere, sometimes I will have a cup of coffee and read some blogs before leaving. If not, I am out the door ASAP.

What does your morning routine look like?

My run went quite smoothly this morning and I felt GREAT for running 20 miles yesterday. I think my body is started to adapt to the longer runs and higher mileage again. It feels so good and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. It really is amazing what a little hard work and believing in yourself can accomplish.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love coming home to packages. I had two for me today!

The first one was my prize pack from winning an



I am ready for some chocolate Greek yogurt! I actually haven’t tried it yet, but I am excited! And I needed one of those spoonulas too ;)

Next up we have some chia bread from my dad. They don’t sell it at the near me, so he ships it all the way from Texas. It is THAT GOOD.


Check out those ingredients!


This is seriously the best bread on the face of the planet. If you live near a Whole Foods that sells it, GET SOME NOW. It will seriously change your life!

  • Chia seeds are actually a nutritional powerhouse as well. Not only is this bread delicious, it is also loaded with nutrition.
  • Chia seeds are an excellent source of healthy omega oils, easily digestible protein, and antioxidants.
  • Chia seeds are so high in essential fatty acids that they contains eight times more omega-3s than salmon, gram for gram.
  • Chia seeds are an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals (especially calcium and iron)
  • Research has linked this valuable food as a being beneficial for many health issues, including diabetes, hypoglycemia, celiac disease, and lowering cholesterol.

Are you a chia fan?

I think that is all I have for today. It’s been a pretty low key day, which has been quite enjoyable :)

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16 comments to Vertigo

  • On Tues and Thurs I get up early to run a few miles, so it looks like this:
    Wake up
    Get dressed
    Contacts in

    If I don’t get up to run I start with “breakfast”. :)

    I love chia seeds — I put a scoop in my smoothie every morning.


  • haha i LOVE it when a song can pump me up and give me energy. especially during a run. and i also love repeating numbers. they totally make me smile


  • I wish I can be on autopilot in the morning, it takes me forever to get out of bed when I wake up. Now I want to go to whole foods and scout for that chia bread, ahhhh.


  • I LOVE chia seeds! I have been adding them to my muffins when I bake recently! Adds such a nice crunch!


  • I love chia seeds, and I love Vertigo by U2. Great song! I had forgotten about it actually until this post, but it is definitely a quality running song. I love U2!


  • Morning routine:
    1. Get up (a great start to any morning)
    2. Brush teeth
    3. Tame the beast (aka brush my hair)
    4. Shower… or go work out, then shower
    5. Eat food
    6. Debate going back to sleep even though it’s still morning

    And I’ve never tried chia.. it totally reminds me of Chia Pets. are those seeds the same as the chia in your bread?


  • Never had chia that I know of so I don’t know how I would use it.

    Do you always and run in the morning? And you don’t eat before your runs? Even those 20 milers?


  • Chocolate greek yogurt? I must find some! Sounds excellent!
    I think next week I need to take notes from you & start waking up early during the week to get my runs in. It’s so flipping hot out when I’m done with work!


  • I’ve never had chia seeds – I really need to get on the bandwagon with that one.

    I was up early this morning teaching at the gym at 5:30! I am NOT a morning person – don’t know how you do it all the time. :)


  • I don’t think I’ve really taken advantage of the bag of chia seeds sitting in my fridge. It’s just one of those things that I’ve always used as a crunchy topping, but I’ve seen it used so many other ways (i.e., pudding!) Time to experiment. :D

    (p.s. I love U2′s music…so good!)


  • My mornings are pretty similar to yours, although I usually throw in a little pre-run snack (1/2 banana, applesauce, or something like that). I haven’t had chia seeds, but apparently they are the superfood staple of the Tarahumara diet! They know what’s up!


  • I’m glad that’s just a song reference and not real-vertigo, it sucks!

    Never tried anything chia, other than growing a mini chia pet once, but will scope out my WF per your orders!


  • i have NEVER seen chia bread, but it shoulds like i just might need that in my life. next whole foods run, i am all over it :)


  • Oh Bono.

    1. Get out of bed
    2. Put my contacts in
    3. Get dressed
    4. Brush the funk outta my mouth
    5. Restroom
    6. Wonder why it has taken me 10 min to do a few things
    7. Put on shoes
    8. Out the door – then back inside to remember something I forgot


  • I can clip my morning pre-workout routine down to 7 minutes total, from alarm to door-slam. But I prefer a leisurely 15 minutes. And when I’m not working, I really just slog around until I’m ready to drag myself out the door. It definitely varies. I love when workouts have repeating numbers! Lucky you!


  • I was running to that song this morning , it rocks


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