Sunday Blues

Sunday already? Why do the weekdays have to drag by, but the weekends are over before you can even blink? It doesn’t seem fair to me :(

At least I had a great weekend with my parents! We didn’t really do anything fun or exciting, but we had a great time enjoying each others company and just running errands. I felt guilty dragging them around all weekend to do the things I needed to get done, but I don’t think it really bothered them. I think they really just wanted to spend time with me, and we did plenty of that for sure.

Since they had to leave early this afternoon, I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to get my run in before they left (and attempt to beat the heat). I was done running by 7:15, so we had the whole morning to hang out and eat pancakes ;)

Time: 1:18

Distance: 9.91 miles

Average Pace: 7:54 per mile

My attempt to beat the heat failed miserably. The heat index was in the 90′s at 6 AM! What is up with that? The humidity didn’t help at all either.

I was “suppose” to do my long run today, but that didn’t happen since my parents were in town and I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. The beauty about making my own training schedule is that I can make it by a week by week basis. Too busy for a long run on the weekend? No problem. I can do it Monday. I am a person who hates being tied down to a schedule, so this works for me. I know there are some people that need to have a schedule to and they really rely on it, but I am the complete opposite. You just have to do what works for you.

Do you like having a schedule or do you thrive on “winging it”?

Am I the only one that is suffering from the Sunday blues?

At least I had a good meal tonight! that bad bay was RARE tonight! Just how I like it ;)

Instead of my normal grass fed beef, I used grass fed Bison. I think this might be a new staple in my diet! They are very similar, but I actually like that “gamey” taste you get from Bison. It is nice to mix things up every once an awhile. You can read about the health benefits of it here.


What was the highlight of your weekend?

Long run tomorrow! I can’t wait!

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15 comments to Sunday Blues

  • I was suffering from the Sunday blues too until I fixed it by eating a piece of my homemade raw cheesecake! Haha hope your week gets off to a great start :)


  • Haha, when you figure out a way to make a certain 2/7 of the week feel longer than the other 5/7, let us know. Been working on that one for awhile myself. I like to have a schedule, but a flexible one… “A plan from which to deviate.”


  • Isn’t grass-fed bison awesome? I’m a little bit obsessed with it. :) As far as running goes, I like having a general schedule to follow, but I’m not anal about following it to a T. I like to switch days around if one day works better for a particular run than another. I plan on doing some intense hiking when I get back to Colorado, so I’m going to have to be flexible with my running schedule to fit in both the hikes and the long runs!


  • I am totally a schedule girl! I need to learn to be more flexible!


  • i love it when i’m done with my running so early. but only if i have other fun stuff to do haha. otherwise it’s like “and what am i suppose to do with my day?”

    glad you had a good time with your parents! i’m sure they loved seeing you


  • ALWAYS get the Sunday Blues…glad your weekend was so great. Do you have an extra room/bed for your parents to stay? Do they travel far to see you? I never see anythig Grass-Fed around here!! I did once – and it was super expensive for just 2 steak fillets…so I didn’t buy…man, not having money – it really really sucks. Thanks for your comment on my blog by the way – so true!!


  • uff… hate sundays. :/ they’re not really part of the weekend because you usually have to plan for the week! and the highlight of my weekend was probably a toss-up between babysitting for 3 hours and earning $50, and spending said cash on DELICIOUS lettuce wraps at the Cheesecake Factory. So good and fresh!!


  • Sounds like you had a good weekend man, good to hear. I know parents never care what we do as long as we’re together.

    Where do you get the grass-fed bison (and beef for that matter)? And is that mozzarella?


  • I like a schedule – and I must have rubbed off on my son b/c he’s the schedule KING (and he’s only 8!!).
    Glad you had a good weekend! The highlight of mine was the family bike ride down to the lake last night. The weather was perfect. :)


  • Since I’m training for my first marathon, I set up an 18-week training schedule. It nice to see the big picture, but I do like to juggle my runs as necessary. I recently started doing my long runs on Fridays, instead of the usual Saturday. I love it! Hope your delicious dinner perked up the night. Happy Monday!


  • glad you had fun with the parents.

    i can’t believe it was 90 at 6 am. torture!

    when i train, i like to have an overall plan but a flexible one. i’d always switch up the workouts during the week but do the workouts assigned to that specific week.


  • I love Bison — I totally agree about the “game-i-ness” taste. I do get the Sunday blues because I wish the weekends was longer and I didn’t have to go to work on Monday.

    I have to follow a schedule for my workouts or I don’t get them done. I wish I could wing it, but I’d just set it aside and keep on procrastinating!


  • I’ve always wanted to try Bison, but always pass it up for something else when i see it on a menu… no idea why.

    Glad you had a good time with the ‘rents! And you’re right- they’re just happy to see you- doesn’t matter what you do!


  • gosh i love your burger dinners and like i said before i love all the veggies on the side the most :)
    glad you had such a great weekend with your parents……oh course they loved just hanging with you :)
    i kind of like having a loose schedule meaning i have some idea of what i need to do but can tweak it if i like.


  • ever since i had bison in canada, i have been on the lookout for it here. it is so juicy and yummy, but still tastes lean and not overly greasy!


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